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Rare sighting of colossal squid caught on camera



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Russian scientists caught some extremely rare footage of a colossal squid off the coast of Antarctica.

While on a mission to study a fish called the toothfish in Antarctica aboard a South Korean research vessel, Russian scientists caught incredibly rare video of a colossal squid or Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni.

The colossal squid is the largest of all the squids and even outweighs the famous and even more elusive giant squid. While the giant squid has tentacles with suckers and small teeth, the colossal squid's tentacles have swiveling and three-pointed sharp hooks. Colossal squid tentacles have even been found in the stomachs of toothfish. Mesonychoteuthis is the largest of all invertebrates.

Only about two dozen reports of colossal squid sightings have ever been made. This video was originally taken in 2008 and made public in 2013.